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Strengthening the Organisational Aspect for Indonesian Migrant Workers Communities in Ponorogo

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The strengthening of the Indonesian Migrant Worker Community (KOPI) begins with understanding the importance of organising. The KOPI groups from the Pager Village, Bungkal Subdistrict, and Karangpatihan Village, Balong Subdistrict, Ponorogo Regency engaged in a forum to learn more about organisation. This provided an invaluable opportunity for the community to come together and formulate a vision of working collaboratively to uphold the spirit, values and goals of the community. This forum was directly guided by the field officer of the INFEST Yogyakarta program in Ponorogo, Anny Hidayati. The forum in Pager Village took place on Monday, September 6, 2021, followed by Karangpatihan Village on the following day, onTuesday, September 7, 2021.

This organisational training was the second meeting after the formation of KOPI institutions in each village. KOPI in Pager and Karangpatihan Villages started in early 2021. Therefore, there are now five KOPI communities in Ponorogo Regency. These communities, consisting of village cadres, former migrant workers, and their families, become actors and partners of the village government in realising the protection of migrant workers from the village.

In this one-day forum, each KOPI learned about the importance of organising, the benefits, requirements, vision, and mission of the organisation. Additionally, each community also discussed work plans and identified needs in running the organisation. In this meeting, KOPI in Pager Village has also formulated their future vision, which is “Promoting the realization of a fair, prosperous, and dignified worker community.”

“This training emphasises the strengthening of organisational skills among the participants because they are still new and do not know the direction and purpose of joining KOPI,” said Anny Hidayati.

During this training, each KOPI also shared ideas with the management of KOPI in Pondok Village. Arif Yulianto, the Chairman of KOPI in Pondok Village was present at the training in Pager Village. Arif shared KOPI’s experiences in carrying out various beneficial activities for the community and establishing good synergy with the village government.

Meanwhile, in Karangpatihan Village, Abdul Hadi, a member of KOPI in Pondok Village, was present. Abdul also shared his views, suggesting that in this initial phase, the management of KOPI in Karangpatihan Village should focus on strengthening the capacity of its members. According to Abdul, only those who have a high level of commitment should remain and carry out programs according to the vision and mission.

“We have gained many experiences and deep impressions since joining KOPI. Initially, the program focused on migrant worker issues. However, we also contribute to village development. Through our appreciative village planning, we help gather data for village development planning,” said Abdul Hadi, representing KOPI in Pondok Village.

Agus Sudiarso, a member of KOPI in Pager Village, expressed that through this meeting, the communities’ future needs were starting to become apparent. “By participating in this training, we understand the direction and purpose of the KOPI organisation. And we know what we will do next,” said Agus Sudiarso.

A similar sentiment was expressed by Oki, a member of KOPI in Karangpatihan Village, who also aimed to involve the younger generation. “As a first step, we will strengthen our members by involving young people. Once the membership is solid, it will be easier to follow the next program,” said Oki.

Next, each KOPI will begin formulating and preparing the Articles of Association (AD) and Bylaws (ART) of their communities.

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